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The recent development in the workplace with Digital Transformation changes the game for learning specialists:

The needs are developing as today’s fast paced environment, efficiency goals and sustainability demand another approach.

Furthermore employee shortage, fluctuation, employee retention, employer branding are all hot topics connected to how an organisation is able to boost #collectiveintelligence, provide a stimulating environment where the most powerful assets of the company, humans want to interact, develop and stay.

Knowledge is shared and consumed in a different manner to suit more individual needs.

In this workshop we invite you to dive into the concepts of #lifelonglearning #digitallearning in order to better understand how to design an immersive learning journey with the right technology in order to serve the strategic needs for impactful and measurable experience through #blended learning.

Training fee:

In case of registration of 2 person / company 25.000 Ft / Person / Workshop, otherwise 35.000 Ft / Person / Workshop

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