Események betöltése

“It’s time to start living the life you have imagined”
/Henry James/ 

Sharing a story among friends or explaining one of your expertise to a new joiner, are you still comfortable? How about doing a presentation?
Presenting yourself and your message is increasingly important in business. Those who can comfortably and effectively present in public command attention, respect and compensation. Still for many people it causes an uncomfortable feeling or even stress.


  • Increase the impact on your audience with presentations
  • Focus on your core message
  • Make the most effective use of your preparation time by clearly identifying the objectives of your communication
  • Interact effectively with your audience using questions, storytelling
  • Transform a ‘hearing’ into a ‘listening’ audience – one which is mobilised.
  • Combine conviction and conviviality
  • Handle objections effectively for success
  • Manage stress
  • Everyone willing to increase their impact in verbal communication
  • People who regularly need to present in an international business environment

  • 2×1 days (3-4 weeks between the training days)
  • max 6 people / group
  • interactive exchange of good and best practice, role plays, feedbacks
  • personal action plans and evaluation of the results
  • Group coaching approach
  • Memory cards and workbooks


180.000 Ft + VAT / person (min.2 person / company: 160.000 Ft + VAT / person)

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